BIG THREE ETF's - QQQQ, SPY and DIA all still on Neutral Fusion Timing Signals

We have been saying our recent research publications that the market is pretty neutral here as it looks to be trying to form a possible intermediate term bottom.  Today we look at the three main market ETF's, the QQQQ's, the SPY's and the DIA's and not surprisingly all three currently have FusionIQ neutral timing signals.  So neutrality still rules and investors/traders should keep exposure levels in line with the current market directionless until more FusionIQ BUY signals appear on the BIG Three ETF's.
































david bieri said:

could you send me some recent buy sell signals
on qqqq and spy. perhaqps over the last 6 months or so ?

Posted at April 23, 2008 9:53 PM
admin said:

David if you click on the forst chart it will show the S (sell) and N (Neutral) signals on the price chart - there were now B (Buy) signals over the last 6 months - In FusionIQ a Sell is a short. A neutral is a signal to either cover your short or sell your long (depending on what the previous signal was)

Posted at April 25, 2008 9:29 PM
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