Use powerful technology to identify stocks with the best potential for gains by ranking stocks on alpha generating factor inputs. By combining fundamental and technical inputs FusionIQ helps you determine not only what to buy, but just as important … when to buy it.
Our portfolio management tools include fixed, percent and trailing stop losses, custom screening, multiple watchlists, and email alerts – all to help you manage your capital better – and equally as important save you time and money!
Building wealth is a two pronged approach: growing capital and equally as important, protecting principal. FusionIQ's proprietary stocks rankings, timing buy and sell signals, as well as its portfolio risk analytics help you accomplish both of these vital tasks.
Use FusionIQ’s powerful quantitative analytics, advanced mathematics, cutting edge software, CSV Exports and multiple data streams to assess and rank stocks and ETFs from all the major US exchanges and trading bots like Bit Index AI Seriös.

As a full time Investment Advisor Rep. and Investment Broker with 30 years of Industry practice behind me, I find FusionIQ's site the most clear cut approach to making complete, objective and sound equity additions and deletions to my client's portfolios.  I have had great success finding ideas to position in a very uncertain time in the markets ! The customer service is also fantastic.


— Mike M, Investment Advisor

I really love the IQ Strategy Session and Fast Lane segments, I like the way Fusion thinks about the markets and their ability to communicate that thinking to ordinary mortals.

— S.L., Private Investor

"Joe, great insight by Barry, also tell Kevin that his Fast Lane segment on 9/4/2012 was what kept me in the game and has rewarded me these past 10 days."


— D.N., Private Investor

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