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Harnessing, technology, programming, important factor inputs and proprietary price momentum indicators FusionIQ "fuses" the best attributes from the worlds of fundamental and technical analysis into a powerful ranking system. The IQ system allows users to quickly short cut their way to the stocks that have the best probability of being big, big winners.

IQ software works by crunching massive amounts of data (daily) across a broad spectrum of factors. IQ not only factors in earnings but also other alpha generating metrics such as cash flow into an unbiased analysis. Additionally IQ simultaneously analyzes a variety technical factors such as: price momentum, trend, money flow and short interest. This systematic assessment allows IQ to objectively rank over 8,000 stocks and a vast majority of ETFs on just the facts ! This analysis removes subjective and sometime compromised analyst bias, wishful thinking and emotional commitment.

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Use powerful technology to identify stocks with the best potential for gains by ranking stocks on alpha generating factor inputs. By combining fundamental and technical inputs FusionIQ helps you determine not only what to buy, but just as important … when to buy it.