Time Saving Tools

There are thousands and thousands of publically traded companies how does anyone cut through the mire to find the ones really worth paying attention to ?? IQ was developed with just this thought in mind. IQ gives users a suite of tools to make finding great ideas and managing their investments an easier task. Below are just a few tools we have created to do just this.

Portfolios: Use IQ’s powerful portfolio functionality to monitor positions, identify trouble and call to attention to portfolio holdings that make significant changes in rank. The best part is all of this can be done by taking a few minutes to set up email and mobile alerts. Monitoring your portfolio has never been easier !

Watch lists: How many times has this happened: you identify a company, start researching it, then forget about it. Several weeks or months later you punch up the stock symbol only to see it has popped 35, 50 or even 100% ! Well, with IQ’s Watch lists, you can stay on top of these stocks all the time. Set mobile and email alerts for price breakouts, BUY and SELL signals, changes in rank, etc etc. With IQ’s watch list functionality user always stay informed ! You’ll never let a good candidate slip your mind again because you can now set it and forget it !!

Email Alerts: Set a variety of different and targeted emails alerts for your portfolio or watch list.

Chart Books: Fancy yourself a technician ? Load a list of tickers, a watch list or a portfolio then sit back and relax. Our chart book automatically rotates in a smaller browser window allowing users to eyeball charts every few seconds all while you enjoy your morning coffee !! Talk about multi-tasking !!

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Our portfolio management tools include fixed, percent and trailing stop losses, custom screening, multiple watchlists, and email alerts – all to help you manage your capital better – and equally as important save you time and money!