As a full time Investment Advisor Rep. and Investment Broker with 30 years of Industry practice behind me, I find FusionIQ's site the most clear cut approach to making complete, objective and sound equity additions and deletions to my client's portfolios.  I have had great success finding ideas to position in a very uncertain time in the markets ! The customer service is also fantastic.


— Mike M, Investment Advisor

I really love the IQ Strategy Session and Fast Lane segments, I like the way Fusion thinks about the markets and their ability to communicate that thinking to ordinary mortals.

— S.L., Private Investor

"Joe, great insight by Barry, also tell Kevin that his Fast Lane segment on 9/4/2012 was what kept me in the game and has rewarded me these past 10 days."


— D.N., Private Investor

Just watched the first strategy session and thought it was great; this is exactly the type of stuff I was hoping for when I signed up. You guys fill the void that is not offered by my own research department.  Many thanks and keep up the good work

— Michael W., Professional Investor

I have been using Fusion IQ for a while now, and I see a very unique and valuable tool. It saves you work.  Look there is no holy grail out there. Fusion is not a holy grail, it is a tool. A unique tool, and a valuable tool for me at the front of my tool box drawer, not stuffed in the back

— Kenny J., Private Investor

FusionIQ provides a robust platform for me to learn and succeed in my trading endeavors with personal and professional customer service, an affordable subscription, and a corporate culture to continuously improve.  I am happy to be a customer and look forward to an unremitting partnership.


— R.S., Individual Investor

FusionIQ is an integral tool for my team's business. One of the great advantages of the program is that we are very disciplined in what we buy, but more importantly when we sell what we own.  The Fusion team is awesome with customer service ... quick response and quick resolution.  I highly recommend you consider FusionIQ.

— D.H., Professional Investor

A phenomenal resource for the individual investor ! Fusion IQ is the best combination of advanced technology, research and analytics, at an acceptable cost, I have found anywhere.   Most importantly, it protects me from making unwise moves and in the end has made me money on both long term investments and short term trades.  

— N.K., Private Investor