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Barrons Review: Disney (DIS) Is the Magic back ?
A few years back our FusionIQ software had The Walt Disney Co. (DIS) highly ranked and subsequently shares rose very aggressively.  At the time analyst coverage was very neutral about the prospect for shares.  However the analysts turned out to be wrong and FusionIQ with its unbiased assessment turned out to be a much better prognosticator.  Again in November of 2007 FusionIQ turned out to be a solid forecaster, with Disney shares not far from its peak, its' FusionIQ ranking score started to drop to bearish levels (below 70).  And indeed it turned out to be a fortuitous warning as shares subsequently plummeted over the coming months.  
This weekends edition of Barron's wrote a glowing story entitled " The Magic is Back " about Walt Disney and its prospects for the future.  That said we decided to run Disney through FusionIQ to see what its unbiased opinion was.  As seen in the attached chart, Disney's FusionIQ Master ranking is only a 58 out of a possible 100.  The moral of this story ?  Maybe there is some magic left in the kingdom but at this point with only a 58 ranking it is still a bit early to believe the magic is back for good !!  
The best plan of attack if one wants to invest in Disney shares is to wait for its FusionIQ rank to move back into bullish mode again by seeing its ranking score move back over 70 again.   FusionIQ users can track these changes very easily by setting email alerts based on ranking changes.
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Barron's Review with FusionIQ Ranks
One of the lead stories in Barrons this weekend was on the S&P Packaged Foods Index.  The article suggested that the food stocks may have fallen to far, right along with the broader stock market. Historically prized by investors for their defensive characteristics in times of turmoil, the stocks instead have headed south amid worries about the impact of sharply higher commodity costs on industry profits.  Barrons suggests in their story that valuations for the S&P Packaged Foods Index components are attractive and with the companies paying solid dividends these companies are now worth taking a look at. 
As seen below we ran these stocks through our proprietary FusionIQ Software and the results weren't pretty with only BG and MCD registering bullish readings of 70 or greater.  The remaining stocks in the index have extremely low FusionIQ scores suggesting they are likely to be out of favor for quite sometime.

FusionIQ Commodity Group Still Showing Strength
As seen in the chart below the FusionIQ subgroup, Commodities, which includes a variety of ETF's, such as the GLD (streetTRACKS Gold Trust), the DBA (The Powershares Agricultural Tracking Stock) and the SLV (the iShares Silver Trust) to name a few has moved to new highs.  There are very few leadership groups in this tape and strength given the recent across the board carnage strong groups have to be recognized, particularly when there is good representation within the groups a/d line as it pushes to new highs.  Additionally with the backdrop of aggressive fed easing commodities should do well in a re-inflation scenario.

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