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Agricultural Chemicals group still leading the way

The Agricultural Chemicals group is still the only area of the market that is acting well.  As seen in the chart and table below we list the issues that make up the group and could continue to move.














Machinery - Pumps Group bucks recent market weakness

Groups that act strong during times of market weakness always stand out as they show a conviction on the part of institutional buyers.  In a tape when buyers could easily walk away such as last week, a group making new highs such as the Machinery/Pumps group definitely stands out.  Below we list the group components as well as highlight the group chart, which is at new highs.






Three of the Nasdaq Four Horseman AAPL GOOG and BIDU Limping

and BIDU have been coming up gimpy since their FusionIQ timing sell signals which triggered at much higher levels several weeks ago (note the sell signals are noted with an S on the attached charts). Since these FusionIQ timing sell signals triggered these stocks have fallen precipitously.  Only RIMM, which gapped open yesterday, acts ok while the other stocks have clearly broken down.  We point this out because trading highly volatile names like the aforementioned can be dangerous particularly if one doesn’t have some disciplined unbiased indicator driven trading signals to help make better decisions.


Remember making sound decision sometimes requires introducing another layer to your trading plan.  Just one of these FusionIQ timing signals if followed in the last several weeks could not only have produced a windfall of profits (or helped one avoid losses) it would have also paid for the service for several years with just one trade.














































Commodites Continue to Surge: Powershares DB Fund Hits New High

Several weeks back we highlighted commodity stocks as showing strong technical strength within the context of an otherwise weak tape.  As seen in the chart below of the Powershares DB Silver Fund, scored new highs yesterday.  This is just one of many commodity based ETF’s scoring new highs.  This broad based participation shows good breadth and suggests the commodity advance can continue even if there are pullbacks along the way.

Follow up Coal Stocks ACI
Several days back we did a blog post on the breakout momentum is coal stocks.  After a modest pullback ACI shares surged yesterday on big volume.  In a market desperately looking for leadership groups the coal sector has certainly stepped up lately and grabbed the baton.  ACI shares still look like they can move up from here and challenge its May 2005 peak near 55.00.

Coal Stocks Register Breakout

As seen below the S&P 400 Mid Cap Coal Index broke out last week above significant resistance.  The move on the breakout had good sponsorship with many names participating in the advance.  Pullbacks or a consolidation may provide a good entry point on many of these names.  


The top rated coal stocks in FusionIQ are as follows: 


·         FCL   90 FusionIQ Master Ranking

·         MEE  87 FusionIQ Master Ranking

·         ACI   81 FusionIQ Master Ranking

·         CNX  79 FusionIQ Master Ranking 


S&P 400 Mid Cap Coal Index

FusionIQ Commodity Group Still Showing Strength
As seen in the chart below the FusionIQ subgroup, Commodities, which includes a variety of ETF's, such as the GLD (streetTRACKS Gold Trust), the DBA (The Powershares Agricultural Tracking Stock) and the SLV (the iShares Silver Trust) to name a few has moved to new highs.  There are very few leadership groups in this tape and strength given the recent across the board carnage strong groups have to be recognized, particularly when there is good representation within the groups a/d line as it pushes to new highs.  Additionally with the backdrop of aggressive fed easing commodities should do well in a re-inflation scenario.

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