Ford Motor Co (F) In the News Today

Two quick things on today’s FORD news


First of all our system put a new buy on F on 4/7/08 after multiple sell signals (see chart below) usually a signal of a change in the underlying strength of a name…

Second; our system is not just made of technical indicators, it “Fuses” technical and Fundamental matrix to help guide you in your investment decisions.  An example is the ESP (Earnings Surprise Prediction): The ESP is a score that attempts to take analysts that have been more accurate in the past and with different weightings score the possibility for a beat or miss on earnings…a score of 50 is Neutral (in line)… under a 50, a better chance for  a miss…over a 50, we expect a beat…


Ford’s ESP score for this quarter was 100 . This tells us that a big upside surprise is expected, although no-one knew the number would be as good as it was.


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