Fusion IQ on CNBC's Fast Money

Here's our discussion for CNBC's Fast Money tonight at 5 and 8 pm:

The S&P 500 SPX

- Long term trend line remains in place. That means (at least short term) we give the market the bullish benefit of the doubt. 1500 remains key resistance, and how the market behaves between 1400-1500 will be telling, especially in terms of breadth and volume.  In our managed accounts, we remain mostly long, but wary.

- Why wary? These 3 warning signs:

1) The SPX year over year quarterly earnings just went negative in Q3 2007 – this was the 1st time we saw that in 5 years.
2) Markets negative after 75 bps Fed Rate/Discount cuts – historically, this has not been a positive sign;
3) Dow Theory Sell signal is also a warning.
4) Numerous big (200-300+) up & down days over the past 90 days -- mostly on the distribution side. . This tend to suggest a change in market character.

State Street Bank.

-While the Financials have been getting creamed this year, State Street held its own, bucking the trend in the financial sector.
-The stock is up ~16% YTD, raising its market cap to near $31 billion. Over the same period, the XLF Financials are DOWN 16%
- That’s terrific relative strength.
- Bullish consolidation above $73 support, and it recently broke out of a one month trading range to a new 52-week high.
- The entry is above this consolidation at $78 to $82, with a relatively tight stop below that line

Stanley (SXE):

Sexiest name in the group (pun intended), We like stocks that are strong getting stronger and love 52 week highs

-Stanley has doubled since the summer, while the rest of the market was in turmoil.
-The company is still small, just  ~$800M market
-Your ideal entries are between $30-36

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Packing machine sourcing update: Increased automation sharpens edge

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