Even though we like the Ford Fusion (pun intended) - its FusionIQ rating remains too low still !

In this weekends Barron's the magazine talks about Ford (F) as a possible double in price from its current levels citing that the company has billions in excess liquidity; a new-model rollout is approaching in addition to management selling secondary assets.  While this all sounds great Ford (F) as seen in the chart below Ford (F) shares only recently made a new 52 week low and it still only has a 42 ranking on its' FusionIQ Master Score.  Now this does not mean that Barron's is wrong and FusionIQ is correct, however its low FusionIQ rating suggests that investors by and large don't have much confidence in the turnaround either yet.  The reason for investor apathy may be the latter points which Barron's suggests in its article; consumers are pinched, economic data is weak and car sales are down. 

Although we have to like any company that has a product line named Fusion - we think its premature to call Ford a double yet.  Our advice set an alert in FusionIQ to let you know Ford (F) shares are back in bullish category (ie.  a master score above 70).














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