Revisiting an April Post - Inc. (SOHU)
On April 24th we highlighted Sohu Inc. (SOHU), a Chinese internet portal which was experiencing rapid growth tied in part to the upcoming Chinese Olympics.  We cited a report out that China's that its fast-growing population of Internet users has soared to 221 million, tying the United States for the largest number of people online, according to government data reported Thursday.  This was a 61 percent increase over the 137 million Internet users reported by the government at the start of 2007.  We then suggested this explosive growth would continue to drive growth expectation for SOHU for some time.  Also at the time we cited its new FusionIQ timing BUY and 98 Technical Score and suggested shares looked attractive to new buyers. 
SOHU's price on April 24th was in the high $ 50's.  Yesterday as seen in the chart below SOHU closed at $ 82.20.

Tom said:

I think it was the Chuck E Cheese post in which I asked about "point and figure" targets. Someone responded with a link to a good explanation. Only one problem: I never got around to reading it, and now I see the CEC entry is off the blog below. So, can I get the link again? Thanks in advance!

Posted at May 15, 2008 1:10 AM
Tom said:

I just saw the "blog archive" lisitngs on the side and see the CEC post is still up (under April). My apologies. I wish there was some way I could delete my earlier post....

Posted at May 15, 2008 1:13 AM
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