Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Small Caps still king ...

The little guys continued getting the job done throughout 2010...

From the New York Times:

    The Russell 1,000 — the thousand American stocks with the largest capitalization — rose 13.9 percent during the year. That was little better than half the 25.3 percent rise of the Russell 2,000, which includes only stocks not large enough to be in the Russell 1,000.

    All of the 10 industry sectors that Russell calculates showed better performance by smaller companies, with the widest margin in technology stocks.

Of course small caps trounced big caps this year. This was the Recovery Year (when the econ data started catching up with the stock market's recovery in 2009). Your playbook was the 2003-2004 period when small tech stocks, China stocks and especially one-drug biotech stocks ruled the roost. It wasn't until deep into '04 when we started transitioning into the big cap oil and gas stocks and such.


Small, but Performing Better than the Big Shots (NYT)

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