Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The Power of FusionIQ and Trading Apple Computer ...

People always ask what is the greatest value of FusionIQ.  Our reply is simply its ability to provide investors with an unbiased 2nd opinion as to whether they should buy a stock or not.  For instance was Apple Computer (AAPL) a buy this summer/fall after the market experienced a large correction ?  Many people grappled with that exact same question.  According to FusionIQ is was as Apple shares registered a new BUY signal (denoted by the green circle with the letter B) in early September near $ 260 then rapidly rose to$ 324 before slipping to Neutral.   Note Recently AAPL shares registered another NEW Buy signal near $ 324 and have risen nearly $ 20.00 in a few trading sessions.  

Buying and iPad smart ….  Buying APPL stock at $ 260 even smarter …  Having an unbiased second opinion PRICELESS !!!

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