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The beauty of IQ is its ability to harness technology, the internet and data to create a tool just several years ago only large trading desks and hedge funds could deploy. A tool like IQ only a few years ago would have cost millions of dollars in manpower and programming power to develop.

With that kind of outlay the average investor was shut out. However by applying the same technologies and advanced mathematics along with the cost reduction in computing power IQ now brings a tool to the masses that was once reserved for only the big dogs !!

IQ puts powerful and sophisticated software tools in its users hands. IQ is the end result of lot of time and money in development costs, thousands of man hours, and thousands of dollars in data feeds. We hope you enjoy it !!

Using Fusion IQ helps you level the playing field !!
Protect your capital, make smarter investment decisions, and create a more sound investment process � with FusionIQ!
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