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Become a FusionIQ affiliate!

Are you a publisher, active trader or web site host? You can become a member of the fast growing Fusion community.

Some of the many benefits you will enjoy include:
  • You can earn free subscription services, and a percentage of monthly fees for any subscriber you refer.
  • You can participate in the development of new trading products, create new metrics, and develop algorithmic tools.
We are constantly seeking to improve our IQ tool, and many of the most innovative ideas have come from our user base. We try to upgrade the system and introduce new metrics on a regular basis, very often with ideas that have bubbled up from our subscriber community.
  • Beta test the latest developments, new features and trading screens. before they are offered to the public. A hardy band of traders stress test the latest features, looking for bugs, quirks and glitches. New IQ features do not go live until these keyboard jockeys give them the thumbs up!

Contact us at [email protected] more more information.
Protect your capital, make smarter investment decisions, and create a more sound investment process � with FusionIQ!
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