FusionIQ is a web based software platform developed by the partners of Fusion Analytics Software Development Partners LLC. FusionIQ "fuses" the two widely followed investment disciplines of technical and fundamental analysis into a cohesive, equity and group ranking system. Developed by investment professionals for traders and investors, FusionIQ refines the equity research and risk management process by assigning proprietary weightings to a variety of alpha producing fundamental and technical data points then quantitatively ranking over 10,000+ stocks and 200+ industry groups on a 0 to 100 scale (0 being the worst and 100 the best).  By using this system, investors can determine what stocks they should buy, sell, or continune to hold.  While more active traders on the otherhand can us FusionIQ to target specific trading candidates to determine more precise entry and exit points.  

Additionally investors and traders alike can compare the rankings of their respective portfolios holdings against industry benchmarks to be overweight/underweight the better or worse components of an index.  Best of all, this is all based on objective, unemotional criteria.  The FusionIQ Platform Features:


  • Quantitative Rankings on 8,000+ Stocks and all ETFs
  • Quantitative Rankings on Major Market Sectors, Groups and Industry Sub Groups
  • Technical Charting With Slideshow Functionality
  • Advanced Interactive Charting With Ability To Save Studies
  • Proprietary Timing (trading) Signals On All Stocks And ETFs
  • Proprietary Trading Screens such as; short squeezes, breakouts/breakdowns, the Fusion Hot List
  • Economic Research
  • Technical Market Notes
  • Proprietary Market Breadth Studies
  • Portfolios with stop loss and email alert capabilities
  • Ability to View Stock Universes Based On Your Own Settings (ex. By price, by market cap)
  • Advanced Custom Screening Tools
  • Heatmaps
  • Stock Cloud
  • Configurable Email Alerts
  • Fully Customizable Main Page With The Content You Want See