FusionIQ is a quantitative ranking system designed to allow portfolio managers, traders and investors an objective and unemotional way to assess the fundamental and technical merit of sectors, groups, stocks and ETFs. By harnessing IQ's powerful multi-factor model, which fuses proven and predictive factor inputs from the two widely followed disciplines of technical and fundamental analysis, users can quickly distinguish between the stocks that have significant potential for appreciation and those that don't. A proprietary weighting algorithm allows FusionIQ to combine these multi-factor inputs into a simple numerical ranking system that scores all instrument from 0 (worst possible score) to 100 (best possible score).

Though a lot of horsepower went into the development of FusionIQ's multi-factor ranking model, the website itself is actually very simple to use. For instance, want a quick opinion on Google, Apple or IBM ? Easy ! Just punch the stock symbols into FusionIQ's snapshot ranking and instantly get their ranking scores. Want to track the semiconductor sector ? Just as simple ! Just go to IQ's group ranking page and get the overall rank for the semiconductor group. Want to compare the stocks within the semiconductor group ? No Problem ! Just click the group link and get a table that breaks out every stock in the group along with its numerical rank. Want to track lots of stocks ? Again, simple ! Just create a Watchlist in IQ's MyIQ section ! Have a portfolio ? Even better !! IQ has a terrific portfolio section that allows users to input long and short positions, load position cost basis, calculate profit and loss and even the ability to input stop losses on portfolio holdings ! Not enough yet ??? How about alerts sent to your email or cell phone on stocks, ETFs, your watchlist and even your portfolio holdings !!!

Best ways to use FusionIQ ?
  • Stock Screening/Idea Generation: Use FusionIQ's powerful suite of rankings as well as its screening tools to indentify new trading and investment candidates.

  • Risk Management: Use FusionIQ's stock rankings to help risk manage a portfolio. By monitoring a stock or ETFs current FusionIQ score as well as the directional change of its IQ score users can hold their winners longer and get rid of their losers quicker.

  • Trading Signal Generation: Use FusionIQ's multi-indicator/multi-step technical algorithm to identify stocks with new short-term BUY and SELL signals. These buy and sell signals are best suited for active traders whose holding periods range from typically 1 week to 1 month. However these signals can also be effective for longer periods of time depending on the durability of the underlying price trend.

  • Strategy Integration: Another great way to use FusionIQ is to use it as a layover strategy. For example using FusionIQ's master technical score in conjunction with a value investing strategy is a great way add alpha to the value strategy.
Protect your capital, make smarter investment decisions, and create a more sound investment process � with FusionIQ!
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